PACO GROUP is an engineering and manufacturing company. We strive to continuously innovate and provide creative industrial material handling and custom lifting solutions to its clients while maintaining sensitivity to costs and responsibility to the environment.

Established in 1960, our privately owned company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, specializes in the development of high-tech electromechanical equipment. We have distinguished ourselves through constant technological innovations. Initially focused on the fields of mining and concrete handling systems, PACO GROUP built on the know-how obtained in these industrial sectors and increased its range of products to include high endurance lift actuators for the automotive industry, theatrical over-stage and under-stage machinery, as well as underwater lifting technology utilized in the private and public aquatic sectors.

With the invention of the Spiralift®, PACO SPIRALIFT INC., GALA SYSTEMS INC., and AKVO SPIRALIFT INC. divisions were formed to better serve the needs of different markets. The focus of PACO SPIRALIFT is for the design and manufacturing of equipment for automotive/industrial material handling, GALA SYSTEMS for the theatre/scenic applications, and AKVO SPIRALIFT for the submersible pool floor applications.

30,000 units installed worldwide

  • Automotive skillet lifter
  • Adjustable height skids (AHS)
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Aircraft engine assembly positioning tables
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Truck lifts
  • Orchestra lifts
  • Podium lifts
  • Multipurpose halls lifts
  • Movable pool floors


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